Sortie Restaurant & Night Club

We have never been an associate spectator to the perfervid union of Asia and Europe. we have a tendency to created Sortie for the individuals of Istanbul to witness this union. Since our institution in Kuruçeşme that is one amongst the most effective spots of Bosporus we tend to keep it up operating so as to serve you smart food, good music, and sensible amusement.

Sortie, means that ‘Exit’ in French, could be an excellent spot to let it all hang around. ‘Togetherness’ is that the key word in our 3500-square meter venue. Since 2012 we have a tendency to began to serve twelve months of the year and host 6 restaurants that represent distinguished samples of the globe culinary art. Sortie Club offers the newest trends within the world of diversion to you at an equivalent time, Dj Tarık SARUL’s the coordination of the music continues to entertain for twelve months.

Having one among of the foremost spectacular view of the planet Sortie get pleasure from to supply the biggest venue that you just will enjoy every hour of the day, pay a decent time, host your foreign guests, totally relish your special occasions and creating the foremost of amusement and modernness.

Sortie that has the world’s most spectacular views, continues to welcome guests with 6 totally different restaurants.
Sortie wherever you will relish together with your friends, pay pleasant moments, welcome with pride your foreign guests. Sortie which mixes world culinary art the flavors of recent and delicious.