Bogaz Steak House

Boğa’z Steak House has began to serve its guests in Çengelköy, the bosphorus pearl, with its fashionable and classical decoration underneath a similar roof, minimalistic and refined decorations that are dominated by elegant lines, light service idea and delicious and satisfying menu.

Lokum Burger, ready by Bonfil, is served with brand’s own special sauce and homemade bread, Steak Lokması served with special production bitter sauce, served with broth of armored bonfilen, and Chocolate Terin restaurant specials which will flip heads of sweet lovers.

Boğa’z offers a range of meat dishes, and additionally is a butcher. Special meat resting in special dry age cabinets; Lamb cakes, cabbage, lamb lokum, cut alternatives like city, New York, Toscana, special production sausages and delicatessen product and home-brewed sauces serve your Taurus delicacies!

Boğa’z Steak House, that brings a replacement style of flavor to the Anatolian side, has not forgotten its guests sitting within the European side. “Nothing are often the maximum amount pleasure as causation our guests delighted.” The whole has high muckamuck boat service each hour of the day. Boga’z Steak House that adds the pleasure of distinctive boat trip between the 2 sides of the delicious style appears to form habit!

Boğa’z serves a stone-built stone building from the Ottoman era that has reached the ocean, and it’s additionally obvious with its exciting view of the Bosphorus further as its distinctive flavors! there’s a noteworthy story of the building, that is found within the heart of the Bosphorus and features a history of two hundred years. inbuilt 1800 to be used as associate elephant within the years, once it came to the decennary, it had been remodeled into the Isporto industrial plant by passing through the renovations.