Ela Macka Restaurant

In the middle of Istanbul, feeling yourself in the Greek islands is no longer a dream!
Unique tastes in your palate, melodies played in your ears and wall paintings surrounding the place offer you a complete island environment in Ela Macka Restaurant.
With its location on the Maçka Park, the peace of the place is further supported.
Ela Maçka is a typical Greek tavern …

Three-dimensional landscape paintings on the walls of the first bezel when you get inside. Ela Maçka is a place where blue and white meet in wooden tables and chairs, consisting of two separate sections facing each other. In this warm and friendly environment, the owners of the place have thought of every detail in order to make their guests feel at the backyard of their houses.

The guests of Ela Macka Restaurant, who is Greek and come to visit from Istanbul, the Greeks living in this city and this culture consist of enjoying life. Parking lot and valet service are available, 190 person capacity place which is fully open in summer and 250 person capacity indoor hall in winter. In the autumn months, there will be surprise Greek artists and DJs.

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