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Tashan Arkat Restaurant & Night Club
Tashan Arkat Restaurant & Night Club
Tashan Arkat Restaurant & Night Club
Tashan Arkat Restaurant & Night Club
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Tashan Arkat Restaurant & Night Club

The Name of enjoyment within the 800 Years Cistern A charming Night within the Tresuries of History…

Istanbul New Years Party Show in Tashan Arkat Restaurant & Night Club

Tashan Arkat was created by Mustafa the 3rd in 1763 to accommodate the guests, and was associated through an enormous yard with a cistern named Sipahi Han used throughout Byzantines amount to provide water. Afterward amount, it had been named “Katircilar Han” and “Kurucesme Han” and in Republican amount, it had been then named “Tashan”. Byzantine cistern, throughout construction of the general public house and TASHAN utilized in Ottoman amount as caravanserai and today as a trade center and an evening bazaar, water were drained and that they were used as crib and shop, in Republican amount as warehouse and it reflects either Ottoman and Byzantine architectures. This characteristic belongs solely to Tashan Arkat in Istanbul.
During Ottoman amount, Tashan used for a short while as a military barrack of the janissaries and additionally it’s the place wherever the Janissaries’ struggle stone-broke out. In early 90s Tashan inclined to disappear however Tashan’s Chairman of the Board of administrators Kemal Ocak has renovated it consistent to its original with its personal efforts and below the police investigation of the Monumental Committee. The distinctive historical atmosphere and spirited Turkish performing arts makes Tashan Arkat a preferred selection for a traditional Turkish night in Istanbul for Istanbul New Years Party.

New Year Party Programme

  • Turkish Dinner Music
  • Folklor I
  • Traditional Costum Show
  • Belly Dancer
  • Traditional Costum Show
  • Folklor II
  • Belly Dancer
  • Folklor III
  • New Year Party
  • Dj Music

New Year Party Menu

    Zeytin Yaglı Yaprak Sarma (herbs and rice stuffed vine leaves with olive oil)
    Beyaz Peynir (Turkish white cheese , feta cheese )
    Humus ( garbanzo bean, tahini with olive oil )
    Haydari ( strained yogurt dip with garlic and mint )
    Mücver ( fried zucchini with potatoes, parsley, mint leaves )
    Acılı Ezme (tomato dip with onion and pepper)
    Mitite Köfte (stir fried lamp köfte with herb and garlic )
    Paçanga Pastries (cheddar cheese, pastrami )
    Julianne chopped seasonal vegetables with balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil , topped with Turkish white cheese
    Stuffed with oriental rice, served with orange and chestnut sauce
    Turkish dessert
  • Soup is served after program
  • Unlimited Local Drinks

New Year Party in Istanbul & Turkish Night Show

You will have New Years Party at the Tashan Arkat restaurant, wherever you may relish a night with a delicious full course meal of fine Turkish culinary art that includes category acts of music and dance in ancient atmosphere. This feast for the senses is conferred in associate degree oriental atmosphere, wherever you’ll discover the delights of Turkish musical instruments, a typical people orchestra and skill a dance entertainment that specialize in the traditions of Turkish and Anatolian traditional knowledge together with belly dance.

New Year Dinner
Belly Dancing Show
Anatolian Folk Dances
Unlimited Local Drinks
New Year Party
Dj Music

Hotel pick up and drop off
Personal Expenses
Import Drinks

Resturant will be open from 21:00 pm untill 03:00 am.
Please note that always new year reservations are very busy. Thats why please try to make your reservation early for New Year Eve.