NuTeras Restaurant & Night Club Istanbul

As Nuteras is found on Mesrutiyet street inside the previous passage, as named ‘Passage De Petit Champ’ for two hundred years, it’s settled on top of the historical building since 2001 and is each as a restaurant and a nightclub.

Overseeing the view of Haliç and oldtown İstanbul, Nuteras keeps on hosting several guests over fifteen years with it’s stunning surroundings,music and good food, conjointly it still is that the ‘it place’ to hold around and revel in drinks.

With it’s completely different touch to the traditional Turkish culinary art, Nuteras’s menü keeps on serving it’s classic whereas adding new flavours each every year and loved by several

Nuteras could be a nice alternative on the weekdays wherever it’s five days of time of day, inside the view of sunset and funk&jazz and lounge music conjointly the place to get on the weekend with surprise DJ appearences, parties and events!