Partie Music Club

A harmonious way that opens with a step from Istiklal street… The attraction of the sounds… The musical rhythm…
Partie is a place that brings people together with resident-foreign sounds and out of the boundaries of these sounds. In the middle of Istiklal street is a door that opens to the excitement of music!
Imagine a rhythm that you are discovering. The rhythm is also discovering you!
It is a collection of music that surrounds you, like a feeling that is renewed with the excitement of knowing, besides the different, built-in melodies and foreign music concept presented to you. With the steps of your home, which you start with your steps, a city spirit that attracts you into your music at every step and awakens the enthusiasm within you. Istanbul Misali ..
Partie is worth seeing for people who come to Istanbul and offers a new venue for those who want to embrace a new enthusiasm in the spiral within this city.
And when you walk through our house, the music that calls you with great enthusiasm will take your attention with certain days of the week “DJ” and other days with our Live Performances. One way to feel your presence is to stop by Partie Music Club and catch the big energy inside.

Partie Music Club consists of two floor with mezzanine floor and offers two different areas for you as a design. It welcomes you with a large, spacious space of three hundred and four hundred feet in total, with a height of nine meters ceiling height. Our venue allows you to watch the scene from everywhere according to the seating arrangement and offers you an unusual concept with DJ platforms in the stage. Our energy is spread to the Istiklal Avenue from the entrance hall of the place with high quality sound arrangement or vice versa and draw you towards from the İstiklal street to our place.

You do not have to look for a place to lose yourself in the streets of Beyoglu or make you feel comfortable and happy! Partie, with the party spirit in the middle of Istiklal Street, stands a step away from you and invites you to a beautiful entertainment that will not be forgotten … Feeling happy is in your hands! If you need a new concept now, that new concept is at Partie Music Club! Forget what you think, what you know! You will be in Partie when you create a sound you do not know anymore ..!
Partie, an engaging melody that reproduces with your voice! And it will be a delightful venue with the presence of you who will hear this voice, and with this voice will flare up. We all look forward to seeing and feeling the Partie Music Club and discovering the Partie rhythm.
Partie, a rhythm world. Partie, a special creation. Partie recalls your soul.
Discover that spirit and do not quit!
Partie Music Club Istanbul invites you to the heart of Istanbul this year to get to the top of the fun.  New years Istanbul is celebrated differently at Partie Music Club. Lets meet with you at Partie Music Club for new years Istanbul on 31st December.