Sardunya Restaurant

Eating at Sardunya in Findikli is as near floating on the Bosphorus as eating on ground can ever get. Positioned next to the illustrious Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, this edifice boasts one in all the most effective views of the Bosphorus within the Karaköy space. there’s nothing between the edifice and therefore the strait to interrupt the view, not even the unnumberable cruise ships that line up in peak summer season. Trying to the correct you’ll be able to see the doorway of the strait to the Sea of Marmara ocean, the Asian facet fulgid within the background at the hours of darkness. To the left, you’ll be able to see the wavelet colourful lights of the Bosphorus bridge bookending the view.

Thanks to the city district location and also the endlessly pleasing view, the building is pleasant to go to at any time of day. Go mid-morning or mealtime to get pleasure from a peaceful coffee during a pretty İznik-esque cup, amidst the red table flowers and breezy interior style that’s like a summer house, or a bungalow vacation retreat. However, Sardunya extremely comes into its own at fall. within the summer, the geometric, cap opens as a cover round the bar. By the bar there’s sometimes live music, either from a live band or a DJ, and variety of seasonally-inspired cocktails during a vary of rainbow hues. The ambiance is fun, with a smart-casual people. Waiters are impeccably dressed, in addition as being polite and friendly.

It’s a preferred spot with locals, part as a result of (as you may imagine with a bank restaurant) they serve wonderful fish dishes and ocean food. just like the décor, the food is classic and unpretentious. For the food dishes expect Turkish and Mediterranean fish beautifully grilled, steamed or oven-baked. we have a tendency to advocate the tender and gently lemonlike lağos şiş (white grouper skewered and grilled with seasonal vegetables). The bar has its own snack menu, and therefore the meze menu for each the bar and therefore the eating house is choked with exciting updates on Turkish favorites, like humus with crisp boeuf and avcı böreği, that could be a eater börek (Ottoman pastry with a phyllo-style dough) filled with inexperienced lentils and cumin, with a yoghourt sauce. The desserts ar ancient Turkish fare, therefore expect quality kadayıf (a syrupy sweet dessert), firin sütlac (similar to rice pudding) and, of course, dondurma (creamy and elastic Ottoman ice-cream).

Located simply off of the busy Meclis-i Mebusan Caddesi (that connects Karakoy with Kabatas) it’s sandwiched on the city district, round the corner to Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Findikli. The restaurant is signposted from the road, however the restaurant itself isn’t obvious from the road. If you arrive by the tramvay, get off at Fındıklı and walk towards Karaköy and faraway from Findikli Park. The restaurant is true on the Bosphorus city district, therefore make sure you are on the Bosphorus-side of the road. Sardunya is roughly equal from either Kabataş ferry port, or Karakoy ferryport.