Seven months after we started to say hi to Istanbul’s entertainment life, the most fun place in Beyoglu’s Tomtom neighborhood, we started to serve in the summer time in Alaçatı. In December 2012, both Tektekci Ankara and Tektekci Bebek started to welcome guests.
After a long wait in April 2014, Izmir, one of the most lively streets, got to know Tektekci.
In the summer of 2014, Tektekçi met his guests in Cesme, Ramo Beach, Fly Inn and Port Alacati.

We opened Tektekci in order to try out the fun of the accent, to look at the individual taste of the over 100 shots.

Let’s take a few, let’s see what we have!

In Tektekci there are many special recipes in different categories like Sweet, Sour, Hard, Sweet Sour, Sweet Hard, Bitter, Bifurcated, Bulls, Consonants, Ice Fruits, Nescafe Xpress, Ottoman Sherbet, Frozen. You can drink these unique tastes in liquor bottles and glasses, sometimes with classic shot glasses, which you sometimes see in experiment tubes, jam bottles, balloons, funerals, sometimes in your grandmother’s homes.