New Year Special Cruise on Bosphorus

The New Year’s Eve which is only once a year is a door opening to happiness for some or an immortalizing day for some. One of the most beautiful activities to add meaning to this immortal night is the Boat Parties prepared at the New Year’s Eve in the Bosphorus.

Be ready to give a novel touch to the New Year. Tours in the Bosphorus do not leave you alone at the Christmas Night. Under the moonlight, you are able to see Istanbul with your lovely friend. Remember to experience tremendous minutes in the most magnificent city of history.

Short tours of Bosphorus between Ortaköy and Eminönü or restaurant which you choose to meet your friends are now outdated, it is a Bosphorus  Tour with a meal or no-food boat tours that would appropriate to every budget that appears to be the fashion of the new. With these tours organized on New Year’s Eve Yachts or Boats, people know how to have fun. In the boat or yachts tours where the fun is not missing also offers you to choose chapters on violin, guitar, soloist accompanied.

Ascribe a meaning to the City’s Beauty

Bosphorus tours, which add color to the beauty of the city when people come to Istanbul, offer unique opportunities for its guests during the New Year’s Eve. The entertainment tours, which started a few hours before the New Year’s Eve countdown, leave a mark on your memory of fireworks display at 00:00.

New Year’s Eve party events organized with Bosphorus tour accompanied by dinner or without dinner offer you a chance to see Istanbul in a different way with your loved ones. Always offers affordable entertainment at very affordable prices.

Exciting minutes in the Bosphorus

Depending on the number of participants, small or large boats and yachts are served. It is nice to know that customers can go for changes in the menus in accordance with the demands of the customers in the dining organizations. The boat is equipped with at least one yacht-pleasing experience, equipped to accommodate both well-equipped and customer requests.

The champagne for the celebration at the end of the fun keeps the Christmas spirit alive until the end. Celebrations organized by professional teams continue until you land on the ground. When you come to Istanbul, do not forget to join the Bosphorus Tours, which is the most important thing you need to do.