Great Ideas for a New Year Party

They say it’s how you get in the new year. What year would you like to meet with your friends and family in 2018? Our fun party ideas will give you an idea of this special night.

If you are planning to welcome the new year at home, your family and friends can have a fun night. With delicious tableware, colorful decorations, creative Christmas trees, you can have an unforgettable night. A fun and costume party will bring fun to your fun. We prepared some fun ideas for the special Christmas Party last season of 2018. If you want to check our new year parties in Istanbul, you can click on the link.

Be creative in decorating

You do not need to buy a tree for the Christmas tree. You can decorate a wall in your room like a Christmas tree. The dry branches you will place with the vasor can also be colored with Christmas decorations. You can decorate an individual in your home and give him a Christmas tree look. Candles and lights will add a whole new flavor to your salon. Masks, balloons, lanterns, decorative objects, party hats will help to bring your guests into the new year’s weather.

Istanbul New Year Party

New Year’s Eve

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A delicious menu and a stylish dining room will make your night memorable. You can prepare a seating arrangement for less than 8 people. The main menu, consisting of the main dish, the cattles, the tombs and the special tasty pastry dish, will go very well with your guests. If you are giving a crowded invitation, a menu in buffet style will be more appropriate. You can include a selection of sofas, mini köfte, mezzes, a wide assortment of cheeses and salads. You can also add snacks and chips to your menu for the New Year’s Eve. Do not forget to make stylish touches with a new year theme.

Who can say no to the game?

The other indispensable part of the New Year’s Eve is the games. You can spend an enjoyable evening with your loved ones, playing games like Bingo, Scrabble, Jenga, Tabu, as well as playing with silent movies or playing cards.

Istanbul New Year

What do you think about a party?

If you want to create a fun and crazy atmosphere in your home, the costume parties are for you. You can start preparations by setting a special theme at the beginning of the year. Guests can send invitations to suit the theme, request party dresses, and costumes. If you want to spend your time in a nightclub, you can look at our nightclubs in Istanbul category.
If you want to create a nostalgic and elegant atmosphere in your home, you can invite them in the 1960s. One-color dresses with pastel shades will reflect the air of the 1960s on the knee or on the skirts with the piled skirts, bicycle collar blouses, covered collar tops, long gloves, small handbags and short heeled shoes. Men may prefer vintage jackets and ties.
What do you say to stir the cupboards for a 1980’s-themed party? Racial jackets, large body sweaters, colorful leggings and leggings accompanied by leggings, now the latest fashion bomber jackets, brightly colored plastic accessories are the most preferred outfits of this period. Puffy hair and hair bands in men and women are fashion trends of this period. For a crazy and fun night, do not forget to add the most fashionable pieces of the 1980s to your music listings.
At the beginning of the year, you can also free your guests on the costume. If vampires, pirates, queen, and princes come to the party, you will have a night full of surprises.
Most importantly, enjoy this evening with your loved ones. Leave yourself to the flow of the night and entertainment.