New Year’s Eve 2019 in Istanbul

It’s a great idea to celebrate the New Year in Istanbul. Each club, bar, and restaurant in Istanbul tries to surpass others to make the New Year’s Eve as impressive and unique as possible. Each institution tries to prepare something special to surprise its guests.

Istanbul New Year Club

Istanbul New Year NightClub

If you like crowded gay gatherings and noisy companies and are ready to put on good weather, then perhaps a party in Nişantası or Kadıköy is just what you need. The best way to celebrate the New Year is to dine at one of the restaurants in Nisantasi or Kadikoy, and at about 11:00 pm join the street celebrations. Dinner is best booked in advance for a certain time. The only shortcoming of street festivities in the new year in Istanbul is the probability of encountering inadequate behavior of some over-rushed person.

Kadikoy in New Year Times

Kadikoy in New Year Times


New Year Part Cruise on the Bosphorus in Istanbul

Bosphorus Party Cruise

Basically, the major well-known hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs of Istanbul offer entertainment at a fixed price. Prices vary considerably depending on what is included in the New Year’s package of entertainment. Hotels and restaurants usually offer dinner, and bars and clubs are unlimited drinks. If live performances of famous Turkish stars are planned, then the price will be accordingly higher. Most tickets to these parties are sold through the ticket sales site Biletix.

Those who are not ready to pay a tidy sum for a New Year’s Eve or simply do not want to stay all night in one place, you can suggest spending an evening in the area of the pedestrian Istiklal Caddesi, Ortaköy or Bebek districts. The streets, located away from the famous pedestrian street leading to Taksim square, are filled with small bars and pubs. But be prepared for the fact that Istiklal will be even more populous than usual. On Ortaköy and Bebek there are fewer bars, but they are cozier and located more conveniently, from here it is good to observe fireworks.